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Smile Re: Bike shops in Salem are the same

hey there 420, I have noticed the same thing here with the bicycle shops. They act like we are some sort of weirdos. But as gas prices continue to climb I think more people will be discovering motorized bikes. I visited 3 shops here looking for parts and all of the staff at each basically just wanted me to leave before customers saw my bike. Since everyone who sees them wants to ask questions, I even had one shop try to get me to go outside while someone was asking me questions. Oh well, some shop is going to realize that motorized bicycle riders are passionate and very into their rides and that we spend money regularly on parts and goodies. I hope some shop here will wake up to this market. I have actually been treated better at some of the motorcycle shops eventhough they have fewer parts that are usable they at least are not so snooty about my bike. Since C town is so liberal I think having a ride there might work this spring. Come on up to Salem Sunday the 13th of Feb. if you can, we would all love to meet you, even if its to far to ride your bike I hope you can make it. Once the weather gets better we will start planning some group rides. For now we will be doing good just to ride to the Clockworks Cafe to meet. I'm just breaking in my new motor so I have the 5 mile limit on range right now, I let it cool down after each session. BUt I am looking forward to longer and grooup rides this spring. Happy motoring.
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