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Default Re: paint gas tank, gas spill, paint dissolve

Originally Posted by shiloh0 View Post
what kind of paint doesnt' react with the gas i spill when i fill my tank? other than hooking up the car paint sprayer and using car paint? is there an aerosol that is more durable than the what i used?(the cheap stuff)
__Do you have access to a hobby airbrush pen? If you do, this is how I get around the gas eating the paint problem.
Ive painted all of my mini chopper projects. Believe it or not here's what I do...
__Ace hardware, Smallest pint can of Gloss Rustoleum mixed to order. (they have a color chart for colors) 1/3 part Gloss Rustoleum to 2/3 parts of acetone. Yup, the acetone is 4 times more plosive than the gas and it evaporates 10 times faster. Gas dosent effect the paint because the paint isnt as potent as the acetone. The acetone seems to harden the paint, or chemically changes its base? 6 thin coats and the finish has plenty of gloss. Dries to the touch in 10 minutes. 3 coats of wax after 5 days.
__I havent dumped gas on it for hrs, but ive wipped it off after 3-4 minutes with no problems.
Im sure automotive paint may be better, but I dont want to pay $45.00 for a quart of paint. $40.00 for thinner and resins/hardners. Im just cheap! $12.00 and I paint the whole mini chopper. I only use about 8 tbl spoons of paint for the entire chopper. Good luck on whatever you do. graucho P.S. This principal dosen't apply with canned Rustoleum. The secret is in the acetone.
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