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Default Re: Gas tank options

Originally Posted by rat bike View Post
sorry no site yet dan im thinkin about doin that on facebook for now, but i do have pics up on another post. so what do you think? do you think its possible? i know i can build what i have in front of me but i wonder if its possible for others to make me a model. is there any threads that explain how to mock up a tank or do you think i should start my own.
Really dunno Rat Bike. I would avoid relying on a facebook or any social network sort of thing where a potential end consumer has to sign in or worse, sign up. Is enough of a task to get foot traffic. Add a speed bump and your almost driving folks away. Is just my thought on it but if ya look up how long folks spend on a site, ya want to grab their attention and interest them as quickly as possible. Even an extra click or 2 much less any typing will send them off down the interweb road looking for easier pray. Just my thinking so take it with a grain of salt.

Folks looking for tanks comes up a lot! With so much talent here, you guys might want to consider working together in some fashion. Would be great for the community and is a much sought after product. Just a thought.

I know personally, I enjoy supporting "our" folks and suppliers.
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