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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Is 40F!!!!!(@9AM) Ride or maintenance? Ya know whats gonna win that one. LOL. Yesterdays snow ended up being rain so got rid of the considerable amounts of ice.

Got a trailer hitch and installed yesterday. (car) Will make some great cash via currier gig. Soon to have more toys! Working on an engine and tranny that should be awesome. Multi speed with elec. & kick start. So will have intrinsic lighting capability. (Cig lighter, radio, GPS) Need $ for parts but this is gonna be cool!

Man, sorry to hear about your cat Killer. Hate that. My Ethel had a bully. I used to wait for the evil lil critter with a super soaker just to train it to stay away from our area. Ethel is a kind soul who dated a skunk and had a blind mouse who she would share meals with. Just a really cool animal and my best buddy. If I coulda got away with it....

WA, lol! That is always the way. Got the cash, theres no time. Got the time...

Is funny, worked last week mostly at night. Was really missing you guys and feeling like I was not some how holding up my part.
(Like we are planning on invading Uganda or some thing. LOL, with an annoying buzzing sound. Imagine hearing a few hundred motorized bicycles coming from over the horizon while standing watch of a national border in a desert. That would be funny and gonna be part of a short story some day)

But spring is coming!
worst apocalypse ever
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