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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

its been a while since i was last online been kinda busy. i kinda feel like ive abandoned my internet motorbike family. working nights really seems to take the energy out of me specially six days a week.

well my bike has been running great my rear tire is a little bent up so it rubs slighty on the chain and feels weird when braking. ive been riding it to work everyday and it kicks butt. i recently discovered starting fluid and wow that stuff is awesome.

its kinda ironic before i had my job i was always dreaming of my next motor bike and had plenty of time but couldnt afford it. now that ive got cash im so darn busy i dont have time or energy to work on my new bike. i actually have about 600 dollars in parts just sitting in a box waiting for installation on my 300 dollar bike sitting in my bedroom.

im setting a goal for end of march maybe ill get a couple two day weekends
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