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Default Re: oh the possibilites...

I remember going to London for a motorcycle- only drag day a long time ago.
Hi from Buffalo!
First, make sure what you do is legal. I remember some guys from Ontario were having police difficultys. Something about electric being legal and gas not.
Check it out.
I reccomend a bike with a sus. front end, fat tires, gears, at least V style brakes, a non- orangatang seat (that would be like a spring cruiser seat) and a suspension seat post. These last 2 items usually are aftermarket. With that bike as a platform, you have good brakes and can go up hills and pretty much anywhere in a bit of comfort.

The old Raligh you showed has pitiful brakes, skinny tires and will ride hard.

In NY anything with a motor must be registered. I bought an old moped for the registration and now my bike is a customized moped with a plate on the back. Stamped the numbers into the frame head and added required lights. Never a hassle.
Ride responsibly, wear a helmet. Look safe.
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