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Cool well my bike was stolen... has happened to me. mine was stolen and after i did alot to
i put well over 750+ miles on it. and went to places i never thought that litle engine could go....but hey, when that person stole it. the bike was busted lol.
the rear rim was so messed up i had it chained to my porch. heck, that engine earned me the name "HotPants" on this so i say. Good luck thief! anyways, i bought a new one, with a better bike this time. i sort of haggled the Pawn shop owner to $70 for a $200 bike lol...
but the frame is Solid.
the one thing i forgot is. what NGX Spark Plug is the best for 2 stroke engines?
and Oil/Fuel mix for break in and after break in.

it took me 4 months but i managed to buy a new one! so im back in the game!
i mainly uses the last one for a learning experiance anyways, sort of like a Beater car.
this new one will be better taken care of, now that i know how to control and ride it without messing it yea, any ideas on a REALLY good NGX plug, not cheapies...i got the cash i want the Best. nothing but the best..
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