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Default oh the possibilites...

hello, i would first off like to properly introduce myself, as i am new to this forum and the motorized bicycle lifestyle itself. my name is peter, i live in london, ontario, in canada. winters are pretty brutal here, but we do get a fair selection of weather from about 9 months of the year. i put my car and truck aside for the year to focus on saving some money, and i've been looking into alternative modes of transportation (aside from public transit :P). ive come across the idea of installing a motor or buying a pre-installed motorized bicycle (preferably 80cc or larger). i like the idea of having some freedom and range of movement around town, and the benefit of not having to pay for a special limited speed license, registration and insurance in the province of ontario.

anyway, the reason of this thread was to bring attention to a couple of possibilities at hand in the near future. i am still awaiting responses from both sellers, but i would also like some of your opinions for that matter as well.

here is my first option:

Vintage Supercycle Roadster Bike - London Sports Goods For Sale - Kijiji London Canada.

this is a vintage supercycle roadster bike. im not sure weather it has hand brake levers or not, but i think it would be a great project for me to instal a fresh (or slightly used) 80cc (or anything larger) motor. i've never installed a motor onto a bike, so i am a little weary about this one, but i am fairly mechanically inclined, and i do a fair bit of work on my cars and bicycles.

here is option #2:

Custom Schwinn Stingray Moped 450 OBO /trade for playstation 3 Motorcycles in St Catharines, Ontario Classifieds -

this one here is a pre-installed schwinn chopper bicycle supposedly with an 80cc motor. im not sure how to differentiate a 50cc from an 80cc so i may have to trust the seller. nonetheless, if the bike can easily reach about 60km/h (37mph) then im satisfied. i like the chopper style a bit more, as it stands out more as a motorcycle rather than a bicycle, but thats not really that important to me. the other noticable difference would be the price of the bike, and the location of the seller. st. catherines is approximately 200km (124 miles) away, so i would probably have to pay a little extra for shipping costs. i could ride it home, i guess, but it would be a lengthy 4 hour ride to say the least hahaha.


and here is #3

this is your average bike from canadian tire (large "general store" franchise). its looks as if its been done right. i like the look of those handle bars and the oversized spring seat. gives me an idea to turn this thing into a board track racer replica by turning the bars upside down and installing a lay back seat post to complete the look and feel of it. seems like this one is a good candidate, but im still awaiting for a reply as to what kind of motor this thing has to offer.

i would really appreciate it if i could get any input on my current situation.

PS - how do i tell the difference between a 50cc and an 80cc anyway?


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