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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Smoothe View Post
Dan: It must be nice not to have warrants! J/K

Today I painted my Super Titan black, actually, just the plastic part. I sure would like to get it all flat black.
Well, not in this country. In my defense, they had no stinkin' badges. snork

Your engine looks great black. I really love my Honda but the red, dunno, looks sort of cheapish. Always liked how the Briggs engines looked with their black color scheme. Gives em a sort of hard working professional look. Just a preference sort of thing but really do like the way yours came out. Custom decal on your pull start cover would really set it off nice. My HF with the schroud black and the pulls start cover silver chrome looks awesome close up. (IMHO) Post 22,

What did you use for paint? They have some really cool rattle cans for plastic.
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