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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Installed the same fender strap bolt I replaced last break in the weather that let me ride. Chinese loctite from Harbor Freight, not so hot. Well, I didn't let it set and only snugged the bolt in. I was running out of sun light. Will give it another shot but I am pretty sold on muffler sealer for every thing. Cheap and works. win/win.

Awesome ride today! was warm and really needed some time just buzzing around. I stopped to talk to a cop. (street was blocked off and I asked if I could ride down it) We ended up BS'n for a while. He thought motorized bicycles were really cool. Usual questions. How fast, MPG etc. He said I must be a "hearty soul to be ridding in this weather" I said "naw, fear of ice and folks in cars keep ya pretty warm" lol

Think I have spoken with every cop in our happy lil town and each and every one has been great. Aside from the cop/legal motorized bicycle stuff, they are just fun to chat with. One of em, when I brag about my MPG, he turns the stereo on his MC on or up. He wants a 2 smoke. Be cool to have a ridding buddy who is a local Peace Officer.

Just a great day. MB+sun/warm=just a great day.

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