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Default Re: New Member with 80cc Chinese 2 stroke, Albuquerque New Mexico USA

Originally Posted by themcgyvr View Post
Hello Quarkdude,
Perhaps just like yourself I just cant let good enough alone. I've had a blast with my latest build.
Here is a pic. The modifications should be obvious. By the way I'm in ABQ also. Want to Race?
Hello themchyvr,
Wow! That's all I can say about your bike. That thing is just plain cool. That expansion chamber looks like a beast. ha ha.. That's cool you live in Albuquerque. I am in the North Valley, how bout you. I unfortunately can't race you - I sold my bike in 2008 to fund a Yamaha RD350 purchase and have been working on that since. Nothing like 2 cylinders, 2 stroke, 2 expansion chambers, and a front wheel in the sky for the first 3 gears. Ahhh, the gearhead in me. Yea, I'll race ya. ha ha ha... Be cool to talk to you about your bike. Feel free to IM me
Thanks, quarkdude
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