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Default Re: Gas prices are going up

This country's reluctance to give up our cars(or use them more) has been ingrained into the public's physique since the late 1940s.
Its was all a deliberate manipulation of the public to encourage the use of cars and gasoline as well as have a good reason to build new roads.
(In NYC we once had a very efficient system of street cars and electric buses, these were bought up by the major automobile manufacturers and dismantled! Just recently as they were resurfacing the street in front of my house and an excavation unearthed the old trolley car tracks)
Ok, history lesson over.
I'm a gear head, always have been, my dad and his dad were gear heads.
Gran dad rode Indians, my dad and I rode Harley's and drove muscle cars.
Back in the 70's, with the first gas crunch, I built my first Motor bike, I've used them as local transportation ever since.
Believe me, once gas hits those kinds of prices the natural thriftiness of the motor bike will shine through.

Heck... once gas hit $2.50 a gallon I started using my bikes more and left the big Harley and muscle cars for more economical small engined cars and motorcycles.
Necessity will prevail, it always has, it always will.
Common sense is decidedly uncommon, they wont do it until they HAVE to do it.
I'm ready, I've been buying up kits for years.
Just two years ago you could pick up a nice china doll kit for about $120 bucks, less if you buy wholesale.
Of course then the government will regulate the Motor bikes so stringently most wont want to deal with it.
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