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Default Re: Gas prices are going up

I think what Black-Moons was thinking about was the cost to us per liter when compared to a U.S. gal. With the exchange it would have been well on it's way to $2.00 a U.S. quart. I'm 20 minutes from the border so we torture ourselves by comparing the price in Canadian dollars per U.S. gal compared to the U.S.cost.
No, that wasn't a typo. $1.49.9 a liter or $6.00 for 4 liters for regular. Less than a U.S. gal. Hey, we joined Gordies Green Team.

Was that -10C or F? Doesn't matter really. Cold is cold.
It's been +9 and 10C for the past few days and the endless rain makes everything grow.

Took a look and the only price I can find for premium is $1.32.5 a liter in Vancouver.

See your $4 million dollar condo and raise you a $16 million dollar penthouse. Wasn't sure that you could buy something that decent for $400,000 in Calgary. That would get you a fixer upper here as well and you would be out of the city about 20 to 30 miles on average.
Thinking about P.E.I. Nice fixer upper there is about $20,000. If you need a job you might be in trouble but I'm retired so that's covered.

Yep, Calgary is pretty nice. Went through there this summer for the first time since 1979 and was amazed how it's grown. My cousin has lived there since 1977 and wouldn't live anywhere else.
I hear what your saying about the oil patch. Isn't for the faint of heart or the thin wallet.

Try to get you a photo if we mow. It will be about once a month now until May. It's my Brother and Sister in Laws place so if he says mow and it's not raining your on. Grass isn't knee high but we can't find the puppy mines and she weighs 120 pounds.

Went through the border at International Falls Minnesota and it took 8 Border Patrol officers and a dog the better part of an hour to go through my raised roof camper van. They had a scope in the gas tank and one fella went under the van with a light and a big mirror. They would stop for a few minutes and talk then go back at it again.
In the end they ran it through the x-ray machine.
They told me in the end that I was from Vancouver the drug capital of Canada and going through a smaller port and that made them wonder why. I knew that was coming though. Heck I'm from B.C.
They were great about it and didn't mess anything up. I thanked them for that.


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