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Default Re: Gas prices are going up

Yeah bring cash , i hear ya i worked in the patch in ft nelson and fsj for like a decade so ya i get that.
And ya ya ya its- 10 tomorrow , but thats not a biggie, and yeah gas ant cheap here , think i paid 1.14 for premi here , but as i posted that is no where near 2 bucks a liter.
Its never came that close too 2 bucks a liter.
Yeah hongcouver is really pricey palace to live, i get that but i like where im at just fine thanks.
Yeah well hate to break it too ya but 400 k dont buy that much here regardless then again a condo sold here for 4+ mill .
K so your point was gas hit 149.9 dollars a liter ? That a typo? hmmmm
Regardless of house prices and what not , as i said gas here in canada has not hit 2 bucks a liter , so what was your point?

Btw gas and oil prices are set globally even if you think the price is too much, there is a diff country on the other side of the world that is willing to pay that much maybe more, its not greed to get the most you can for a product its well good financial sense.

And btw its -1 in hongcouver atm , hardly seems like grass growing weather , oh wait yeah bc its the capital of growing grass
Yeah we had a nice chinook the last week think we hit +15 ish good enough for me

(can i get a pic of you mowing grass tomorrow?) lol had too

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