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Default Re: Gas prices are going up

After tweaking muddybike, who is freezing his eye brows off, about our fine weather I thought in fairness I should look up what gas was in 2000 here in BC which is short for Bring Cash, you will need it.

Gas in 2000 was from a low of 64.9 to a high of 80.9 liter in Vancouver. In 2008 it ran from a low of $1.07.9 up to a high of $149.9 a liter. It's 3.78 liters to a U.S. gal.

As an aside British Columbia is the most expensive place to live in Canada. A house just sold a couple of weeks ago in Vancouver that was listed I think for just over a $1,000,000. A hundred+ people lined up to see it and they had 3 offers in minutes. The winner payed over $1,600,000 for it.
Now this was not a Malibu mansion. It was a gutted out 1920's bungalow on a lot 33 ft wide and about a 100 feet deep. The buyer was most likely Chinese and they will build a house worth about the cost of the lot.
A lady across the street saw this and put her house up for sale and sold it for about the same money to one of the bidders on the first house and made $350,000 on a house that she bought last December.

There is a house in the best area in Vancouver {Point Grey} with a lot the same size and a worse house that was left to the owner by his aunt in the mid 90's. It's $2.3 million.

Welcome to Bring Cash. Average house in Calgary I think is around $450,000. Sure does cost money to be able to mow the grass at the end on January.

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