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Default Re: hey from ithaca ny help please:)

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Howdy DeathMonkey, welcome. No worries about grammar. Your amongst friends. I am terrible with DXing problems stated in text so will hold my advice but some amazing folks here and you will get a ton of suggestions and thoughts. Fuel starvation sounds like a good first thing to check. Also, some times the floats stick. I check the easy stuff first. Fuel, air, spark.

Post pics if ya can.

Ya picked a helova yr to move from Fla to the North East, lol. We got so much snow, I lost my dog in the back yard. Try as I may, just can't push Carol out the door to look for her. That woman has some grip and she screams really loud.
in MA we're supposed to have 4 more inches today (tuesday) followed by another 10+ inches on wednesday, lovely weather dont'cha think? of course you already know this because you'll get hit with it a few hours before me

as for OP try tuning your air and idle screw in? seems similar to a problem i was having originally with tuning my carb, flybytaco helped me figure it out on mine over msn, i'm sure someone here can help you if need be.

mine would run for short periods then bog out and lose power at varying throttles and at spme points just not start at all. moving faster in idle then WOT ftl xD

good luck.
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