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Default Re: Gas prices are going up

Muddybike, maybe not in the gas capital of Canada but then you don't have Green Gordie Campbell for a Premier, It was a $1.21 a liter as of 2 days ago which was the last time I was out. Down two cent a liter from the week before.
Gordie felt he was going to lead Canada in to the "Green Era" and we pay a lot of enviromental taxes no one else in the country does. Not to mention HST.

By the way the crocus are up and there is a flower on the water plants in the pond out front and the roses are leafing out. Have to cut the lawn tomorrow. Na na, na na, naaaa.

Costs money to live here in lotus land.

By the way Blackmoons is right. No links unless you want to look them up.

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