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Default Re: Hello! Looking for advice

Originally Posted by Jayden48 View Post
I am thinking about putting together my first bike and thought some feedback would be nice. I'm on a fixed income and was looking for a decent motor and a cheap bike that I can gradually upgrade.

As for the bike, I was looking at the Schwinn Landmark Cruiser, or the Ocean Pacific Beach Cruiser, both offered at the local walmart. For a motor was thinking about the Skyhawk GT5.

On the OP Cruiser, how hard would it be to maybe disable the coaster break and add a front break? Also, would it be possible to add something like a Megarange Speed Cassette to it so that I could put a shiftkit on it later? I really like how cheap it is and the aluminum frame, but if it's going to be too much of a hassle to add a shiftkit later, maybe the Schwinn LC would be a better choice?
I got a walmart schwinn bike and quickly had to upgrade. Get something with heavy 12 gage spokes. Does any one else have anything to say about the Huffy crusers, they look heaver spoked then the schwinn bikes. Good luck on your build and have fun.
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