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Smile Hello! Looking for advice

I am thinking about putting together my first bike and thought some feedback would be nice. I'm on a fixed income and was looking for a decent motor and a cheap bike that I can gradually upgrade.

As for the bike, I was looking at the Schwinn Landmark Cruiser, or the Ocean Pacific Beach Cruiser, both offered at the local walmart. For a motor was thinking about the Skyhawk GT5.

On the OP Cruiser, how hard would it be to maybe disable the coaster break and add a front break? Also, would it be possible to add something like a Megarange Speed Cassette to it so that I could put a shiftkit on it later? I really like how cheap it is and the aluminum frame, but if it's going to be too much of a hassle to add a shiftkit later, maybe the Schwinn LC would be a better choice?
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