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Default re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Hey forum,
I have a 48 cc grubee skyhawk motor on my bike. I also have a CNS carburator on it. I also replaced all the cheap chinese hardware with good strong american hardware. Other than that everything is stock. I have an Expansion chamber sitting in my garage which i am going to install once i break in the motor more as well as the new CNS carburator i purchase for it. I am running a 100:1 fuel ratio and just got the carburator where i want it. I finally got the carb tuned and the bike is running like a champ as of now. I am going to run a whole 2 tanks of 100:1 gas through it (is my first time ever using 100:1 fuel ratio it was 50:1)until i put the expansion chamber on. I have a list of parts i want to purchase for this bike until it is exacly what i want. My list begins with a jackshaft kit (standard jackshaft kit). Next, a boost bottle kit, "T" bars and finally nitrous kit. I did research on all these products and made up my mind to try and purchase and install all these parts on my bike until my bike is fully complete. I do not have any of these parts yet all I have right now is a CNS carb which is already installed, and expansion chamber which isnt. I am striving to get all these parts and install them after i get that expansion chamber on it and get the carb tuned once i install that expansion. I also wanted to get 26" all black rims on it. I saw a deal on spookytooth for both wheels at $45. I figured this was the best possible deal and was going to purchase them but spookytooth dissapeared from this site. Does anyone know what happened to it? Also do you have any advice for me and all the products i am going to install on my bike?
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