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To true Caddy, the older we get, the less we like noise.
(I'm reminded of my dad yelling at me to "TURN THAT CRAP DOWN!)
As far as my 2 strokes go I use tuned pipes with hand made extension mufflers.
I made mine out of two cheap stainless steel thermos's,
one large one and one small one.
First I pry out the plastic cup part from the cap and toss the pop up stopper.
I then weld the cup part to the main body, drilling a large hole in the top were the exhaust pipe will be welded in place(I use a spigot/spring arrangement)
I then cut a large hole in the bottom so the smaller thermos can be slid in as a baffle.
On the smaller thermos I weld the cap on and drill a series of symmetrical holes all the way through the can, the number of holes varies depending on how loud/back pressure I need.
I then drill a 1" hole in the bottom of the baffle.
I then wrap the baffle in steel wool and slide it inside the muffler can and secure it in place with 3 machine screws with some red loctite.
Very quiet, sturdy, inexpensive, easy to make and rebuild-able.
good luck
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