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Default Re: Bigger studs on my second engine.

ok,.. hey I'm 51, I'm ok with tools and motors a little, basically on cars brakes and oil change and general maintenance, I did do a ball joint on my Explorer last year "Whoop Whoop!" and I mess with a chainsaw, weed whacker, mower now and then a garage mechanic, but usually just check for fuel movement and spark, I don't know all the terms and methods spoken of here,... so starting from the top, the head I'm guessing is the top, where the plug is, and it bolts to the 'block',...? which is bolted to the crank case,../ are these the 3 main components to this engine,...?
I'm on this thread because when I went to take the head off to look at the top of my piston on of the bolts rods (threaded on both ends) came out with the acorn nut, so first I had to vice grip the rods center and work the nut off, then to get the rod back into the bottom of the engine I had to use the vice grips again to get it down in there, this did not go smoothly,... I couldn't hold the rod the way it was so I ground down some flat spots just below the threads so the vice grip would hold and then I got it to thread down in there, now I can use the acorn nut, but I'm thinking this is a situation I should fix, this is a new engine (1st build) and only had been run a few minutes,...
should I work that bolt back out now and replace it and the rest of them or leave it till something happens,...?
and I guess I'll have to order the bolts, or can I pick those up or have them made for cheap, I live in St. Louis so many,...

as for the dremel, you guys means to have a wire wheel on it for some clean up huh,...!
I'll search matching ports,... ( I think I know what it means though,.)

hey thanks,....!!!
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