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Default Re: forced air on CNS carb'-any opinions?

my newest bike has a 16mm Mikuni and the barrel's reversed so the carb's in the front.

this would suck in more air, as it's forced in just by riding it.

my previous bike was the same way, but using a stock NT carb.

there was a lot of discussion (more like a lot of hoping) that it would have a "ram air" effect.

with the air filter off the NT carb there was no difference at all.

on the mikuni bike, it rode horribly without an air filter, and just by putting it on it smoothed it right out and it rides great.

i think modifying a stock filter to make it breath better enhances the performance a little bit, but making an actual "scoop" or any other kinda forced air is either gonna hurt performance, or make no difference at all.

that being said, i only know what works on the bikes i have. i never tried to make a scoop, so like barely awake said, don't let this stop you from experimenting.

also, in order to really know if it works, you need a well tuned engine to begin with. it's doubtful that forced induction would fix any problems you're already having.
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