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Default Noob from western WA.

Hey all. Neat forum you guys have here.
Figured I would sign up. I have an interest.
I don't have a motorized bicycle just yet... but I have an engine kit. Lol.
Used to ride motorcycles a lot, so I have a love of all things that go upon two wheels... even if they are small displacement. Even better if it is 2 cycle. My street bike gets horrible mileage... if anyone is familiar with Kawasaki Triples... 3 cylinder, 2 stroke. I have a baby triple (400cc), and a larger H1 (500cc), but this one is a total project build.

Anyway... yeah, I have an engine kit. Was advertised as 80cc... but it is probably more like one of the 66cc kits. Little 2 cycle motor. I don't have a bike to put it on yet. I am thinking old school beach cruiser. Maybe even go vintage look on the thing. But that is to be decided later. That being said, a mountain bike would be more versatile, but not nearly as neat.

I have a few months left of school, and was just musing with a friend over small engined two wheelers... then remembered that I actually HAVE the kit stashed in my parents' garage...and that I should DO something with it. Lol. Because cheap commuting is always good.

Out of curiosity, are there any tips for uncorking these little things? I saw an expansion chamber for the Chinese kits. Thought that was kinda neat, in a nerdy sort of way. Anything else that can be done? Any limiters on the carbs, different jets? Cheap tweaks?
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