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Default Re: forced air on CNS carb'-any opinions?

Aside from the difficulties inherent with supercharging any two stroke (blow through) and those of attempting to pressurize a gravity fed carb (pressurization in 'charged systems usually takes place after the carb) ... the leaf blower idea is an almost classic example of diminishing returns - you'd be expending more power than would be gained.

As an example, should even the above issues not effect the outcome - you'd still get far more a gain from that two stroke leaf blower engine if you didn't attach it to the carb and just rack mounted it as a supplementary drive engine by removing the fan & adding gear reduction & a chain/belt w/e - or by simply using a larger engine, one that was equal in displacement to the original engine and the leaf blower combined.

While folks have 'charged two strokes, with displacements & power outputs this small it's a tricky business - the in frame Chinese two strokes are particularly poor candidates given their primitive design and comparatively low power... there's also the question of quality, such as bearings & head construction - I'm not sayin' don't try it as experimentation is great, jus' sayin' don't hold yer breath & if ya really wanna get into forced induction systems - ya might wanna try it on something with valves

Here's a link to some babble regarding such, including information on turbos almost small enough & a potential supercharger supplier (mebbe)... ofc it's a lil buried in a four stroke thread but w/e lol
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