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Default Re: Cantilever Tanks

Originally Posted by ReiMon View Post
I used the large bottles of 5 minute epoxy you can get at Home Depot. There are 4 layers of weaved fiberglass (also a homey D's item) and for the fill neck and cap I cut them out of ugly ass tank that comes with the kit. I used a foam mold as an investment type Cast and melted it out w acetone after. The result is nice but it took several weeks and was very messy. If I was to to it again I would cut the kit tank in half and mold around that. I'll add pics to the photobucket link I took during the process..
I think this is a great exampled of a do it your self type deal for the motor bicycle hobbyist enthusiast .. For folks that cannot afford a welding machine etc and cannot find what they are looking for, or simply cannot afford to pay some one else's labor. After all when a guy is out of money all a mans got left is his labor to earn more money. lol. They can sculpt a fiber glass tank any ol shape they want. This goes with the old saying if ya want it done right do it your self!! I am not making fun of others designs or approach at all. Its just every one has a great idea is all and going this route can simply truly express it!! Every curve shape contour all totally do able! bugman needs to see this

Once again great tank! Looking forward to your progress log pictures. I have been gathering ideas for tanks and there construction all the time. This is actually kinda what I want for this build. I could go the route of a tank at the bars?

I want to have lots of clearance at the top bar of the bike.
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