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Default Re: Hello from Alabama - can I get your opinions?

I say post your project in the Electric Bicycle section.
(I know.....blatantly obvious.... )

As for producing a better design, look over the designs that others have made as well as the commercially available products, bicycles in particular, and see what works now. Read the customer reviews, if available, and you will have knowledge of what needs to be re-designed.
Do what you have been taught to do and re-design your own using the best available products while weeding out the known faults.

What could a professional designer contribute to this forum? Hmmmmm......
Well there are alot of folks that have issues with the various power platforms and there are always threads on improvements that typically end up half baked as there done by shade tree tinkerers without degrees in design and engineering. Read up on the old threads and you will see a pattern evolve. You might see something that catches your imagination and just run with it.

Norman has even put out an open invitation to anyone whom comes up with a good idea for an improvement and if he agrees with the proposed idea as being worthy, offers his casting and machining skills to produce the improvement on a limited production basis.
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