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Default Re: first build won't start (yet)

Originally Posted by deacon View Post
Let me ask you two questions.

1. You said you had fuel in the line and in the carb. did you check to see if the plug is wet. If the plug is wet after you attempt to start it. Then see question 2.
2. Did you seal the carburetor intake. If not you might have an air leak which was the most common problem when I was messin with these kits a couple of years ago.

After those two suggestions I'm lost sorry if they don't help.
Thanks Deacon and all who have responded,...
plug is wet and smells like gas,...
don't know how to check or seal the intake, but I'll have a look,...
is the intake where the carb mounts to the pipe from the engine,>>>?

Norman suggested I close my plug gap to .020 and use a fuel mix of 32:1,...
I'll let ya all know,...

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