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Default Hey Everyone!

I'm new to this hobby and totaly hooked! Finished my first build and quickly bought 5 more motors. LOL Now I have 2 Point Beach Cruisers and building a chopper from a Moon Dog frame.
I'll post some pics soon, I already found a old kid carry cart at the dump, stripped it down and painted it to match the Cruiser! Went to the auto parts and got some blue noen bars for the sides and a red one in the back running of a 12 vlt cycle batt. What a head turner when I go for a night ride!

I have a couple of questions, I have the chineese motors both 49cc and 80, the 49cc is fast and has no real issues. The 80 cc starts of fast then bogs down, then you let off throtle and hit it again and it picks up then bogs down.

Since I have motoers here i tried just switching the carbs, but still have that bogging. Tops out in the high 20's when its not acting up. Should be faster, because the 49 will keep right up and pass the 80. What else can I try?

Also are the carbs the same on the 49 and 80?
What about the throtle attachment and needle,are they interchangable?

One other thing that bugs me is the clutch gears are bone dry? I'm just learning and they may not need it but sure look like they are thirsty?

Thanks Ruggs

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