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Default Build two runs, but I need tensioner help

Just got my second build running today. I think there's an air leak that I need to sort out, but I'm pleased, considering what a basket case this was when I bought it used. (Air leak: I had it running, then opened the choke all the way and it died and wouldn't restart.)

My trouble now is with the chain tensioner. Yes, I do need to use one, not only because I have vertical dropouts, but also for frame clearance. I'm using the roller that came with the used bike, and the bearings are fine, but it's sliding down on the mounting bracket. I'm not quite sure how I'm supposed to get it tight enough, since there's barely enough room to get an open end wrench on the hex between the roller and the bracket. Perhaps I need a washer or two in between there?

Edit: I've looked at a few pictures of replacement rollers, and they all have a hex on the back side, no need to jam a wrench in between it and the bracket. I might just replace it.
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