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Default Re: first build won't start (yet)

ok,... I'm in the same boat as seabest was,..
AND, I can't figure out how to start a 'new thread' on this site,...?
so, till I get that straight I just reply on already started threads,...
but my motor won't start,..
it's a Lucky Early Bird 66cc
I got fuel in the line and to the carb,
got spark, checked it several times,
wired blue to blue, black to black,
got the kill switch disconnected,
all wires not in use capped, the white and the 2 from the kill switch capped at this time to avoid that being the problem,

keep hearing different gaps to have on the plug and different mixes to use,...
I have a 16:1 ration now (as suggested by the kit I bought) is that to rich for a first start ?
and .032 gap in the plug,...

I tried in my driveway several times, slighty down hill but was going pretty good when I released the clutch,... no go,
then took it to a big hill,... same thing, just not firing up,...

I'll try any suggestions,...

it is cold here, around 40 today, but the days i tried it I brought the bike out from in the house, so it was room temp,... now it's been out in the garage and is cold,...
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