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Default Re: BlowByU Full Belt Drive Felt Magno Build

Originally Posted by buzbikebklyn1 View Post
Nothing like a well thought out installation...
I agree Terry, thredless is cleaner and stronger than threaded. My Buddy's at the bike shop like to rib me with-
"If you want to see how strong a new part is, give it to Tommy to ride, if he cant break it, no one can"
This started before I got into mountain bikes with there there stronger frames and 1 1/8th" head tubes.
I had a nasty habit of snapping frames and forks on the old 1" head stock road bikes.
(the later 1 1/4" is even better) As i haven't snapped a fork or head set in some time.
The total belt drive is a great idea, but ive always been leery about mounting the drive sheath (or rag joints) to the spokes, I know its been done this way since the dawn of M/Bs so it must work, with the right pipe and muffler the bike is going to be very quiet.
My very first "kit" was a rack mounted, 2 stroke, 25 cc, top mount engine with a belt driven friction drive roller directly underneath the motor, the motor had a 2" V belt drive pulley and the roller had a 5" driven pulley driving a 1 1/2" drive roller, this engine and drive combo was good for approx. 20 mph.
I was lucky enough to have an electric motor shop near by that specialized in repairing fans and motors for the factory's in the area. They had a huge selection of belts, pulleys and sheaves so I was able to change the power characteristics of my set up.
Eventually, I blew up the 2 stroke 25cc and replaced it with a 4 stroke 49cc Honda that just ran and ran and ran...
Oh, it ate rear tires like cocktail weenies, but it ran very well.
The wide crank set looks great.
Are those motor plate ends cast aluminum with the center being steel?
Once you get the left/right alignment right I take it you'll be cutting new slots for fore and aft adjustments to maintain tension on the secondary belt with out an idler, beware the dreaded belt stretch and wet weather, mine used to scream like a banshee once it got wet.
What is the diameter of that sheath? it looks to be less than 24"s to me.
Cant wait for pics of the mock up... looking good!
Well I have done some searching and I have found a guy that sells the adapters for the 1 1/8. SO after I have all my parts if I can manage it I am going to get the Monark. The one he sells is the reinforced version so I am really hoping I can pull it off. Now the mount I have done one already so I would have to say no it is not cast as it is working just fine I am thinking if it was cast it would have come apart by now. Last the rear sheave you have a good eye I measured it and it measures out at 15 inches.

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