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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

About time for some progress pics!

Here's the setup for supplying steam to the engine. The throttle is a ball valve and then a T splits off the steam to the engine. I need to make a long handle for the valve so it can be adjusted when riding the bike. Ahead of the T is the pressure/temperature gauge. The elbow below the gauge will be replaced with a brass "pigtail" which is a loop in the line that allows the steam to condense before it gets to the gauge.

Here's the LP burner setup. The inner rings are what I came up with to reduce the 6" chimney pipe boiler down to 5" to fit the burner. I had to combine two reducers to get it exactly right. Next, I need to weld on a simple L bracket and bolt in the burner.

What I really need is one good day welding and grinding to get the frame finished. I need to modify the boiler mount a bit, extend the rack behind the seat and build a mount for the mechanical's box on the other side. Oh, and a headlight bracket, too. That's what I should do next, but the weather has been a real mess and I do this work outside.
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