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Default Re: "Winter MBing, tips and tricks"

Originally Posted by surfishjoe View Post
I don't know if it is a good tip but I added some fuel stabilizer (Evinrude 2+4) to the pre mix. I figure with todays ethanol and gas siting around for awhile between uses (weather) it shouldn't hurt.
Thats a great tip Joe! Makes a huge difference in time and hair pulling when ya let em sit for a while.

LOL, just remembered I have a 2 stroke sitting in a trailer with un-treated 2 yr old gas. Son of a bicyclist!

Oil and Fuel Stabilizers

"Just add the fuel stabilizer to the fuel according to the recommended dosage on the package. (Measuring is easy based on the number of squeezes through the measuring cap. Agitate the fuel tank if possible, then start and run the engine for 5 minutes or more. After that, simply shut off the engine and store the equipment away. Next season, the engine will start easily and run smoothly."
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