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Default Re: BlowByU Full Belt Drive Felt Magno Build

"Thank you Quenton
I was not going to use them but the guy that sold these to me told me I would need them. Can you tell me or even better show a picture of how these are assembled as in dose the screw go through the sheave the a washer over the spoke and then the nut or is it the other way round"

On the stock Whizzer sheeve the square nuts are on the belt side, and the washer and screw are installed from the other side. The sheeve will have small indentations to keep the washer level and each spoke fits between the hole and raised indentation.

If you use the brackets, note one has 3 un-threaded holes and the other has one of the holes with threads. The threaded hole is used with a short screw to place even pressure on the spokes sandwiched between the 2 brackets.

Have fun,
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