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Default Re: I'm done!

I don't even know where to start, but I see my name & a few references to what could be me, so I'll just jump in...

First of all... Any modifications that I do to MY frames is squarely on MY shoulders & MY reputation as a bike builder. I can only advise others from my good & bad experiences & personal opinions. I've done some pretty crazy things with frames; Some worked great & have lasted for years; some cracked & needed repairing. I thank God that no one was hurt & I learned a lot about how to modify bikes safely. (& I'm always trying to learn more.)

I don't remember who posted about pinching a down tube to make the engine fit? (I thought it was someone else), but I do remember it was someone who was selling bikes & everyone bashed him for pinching it; I also remember chimming in to say that "the frame would probably be OK, but as a dealer he shouldn't take the chance & should make a propper mount." (& it just looks professional.)

As for you "being done" here... don't get mad or quit!, Paul & the mods are actually extremely reasonable & fair about everyones BS; (including mine.)

I was actually banned from the 'other' site for posting pictures that were too big!!
It didn't bother me because it really sux compared to this site!

Just hang in there Kip; be smart about what you type & keep a positive attitude! (You'll catch more flys with honey than pi$$ & vinegar.)
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