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Default I'm done!

First and foremost I would like to appoligize to Pacesetter for my rant on his build thread!
I see nothing wrong with what he did or how he accomplished it!
What I saw was a blatant double standard!
As some of you know I was berated and threatened!,with being BANNED!for pinching my down tube 1/16".
For those of you that are tape-measure challenged thats one of those little lines.
I was told that because I sell my MB's that was dubious practices!
I was told this by a person that from his own admission has very limited fabrication skills at best!and it shows!
This is the e-mail I found in my box yesterday!
Before it was edited!

1.He's not actively recommending nor selling this to others.
2.A proper crimping tool.
3.It's not the down tube.
4.Stays are doubled w/ the weakened portions facing each other for strength.

The rest was left as is!
So let me address what I read in my e-mail!
1.Your absolutely right he's not recommending nor selling this to others!
Pat,Norm,anyone else that has modified and sold a frame are you reading this?
2.I built a tool to "pinch" the down tube!
In my 35 yrs of experience it's proper!
3.The down tube is at least 4 times stronger with less stress on it.and it's only "pinched"1/16"
The seat and the chain stays are transfuring the stress of your weight to the back half of the frame!
4.Look at the picture again! I can't even respond to that comment!
So I'm pulling the plug on my postings because of the blatant double standards and "Preachings" from the Bully pulpit!Kip.

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