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Exclamation Built-In motor sprocket on rear wheel?

I'd just like to know if anyone knows of any sites (or people) that are selling rear wheels with BUILT-IN motor sprockets, not rag joint sprockets. and preferably not clamp on type either. I own one, but my rear wheel spokes got warped by the chain falling off the sprocket and eating them up
really really would like a good replacement and not a downgrade.
a freewheel would be fine, no need for a coaster brake seizing up on me unexpectedly (already have caliper brakes). Also if they sell them with a 6-speed cassette already attached that would be grrreat, and save me alotta time =)
So, back to the question. Anyone know of some 26" rear wheels being sold with built in/pre-mounted motor-side sprockets? (That Don't cost $150+)
Id be happy with buying a used one as well.
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