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Cool Re: Everything else except an engine...

Originally Posted by Kristof View Post
Well said.

Trust me, when there's a will... I will find a way. Thats why Im on this forum asking for tips and help. Im pretty determined to use this engine. I just got to find the right parts for the right price. Ive already found a centrifugal clutch for $30 and a #41 chain for around $12. I just need to find the sprocket assembly that attaches to the wheel. Any tips on where I can find that?
Great... that's the ticket...
I'm assuming you want to try a in frame mount.

First, I'd try any one of the available 4 stroke type engine mounting plates on the market, they clamp to the frame at the down tube and seat tube, even if your engine is to wide you can use an adapter plate to mount it to the engine plate.
The large plate in the fore ground is what im talking about.
EZM Silent Drive 4 Stroke kit (Free Ship)
Or try to make one yourself.

Second, that motors so wide your going to need widened cranks to clear the engine.
Id try Sick Bike Parts extra wide cartridge type crank spindle.
Sick Bike Parts LLC - Performance parts for your motorized bicycle
You cant skip this part because you wont be able to peddle with the engine in the way.

Third, Kings sales & service or Pirate cycles make a great rear hub/sprocket mount that bolts around the rear hub its self and not to the spokes, with a 100cc engine you had better have a concentric sprocket or its going to tear its self apart.

Fourth, CHAIN LINE! Is the out put sprocket on the engine going to line up with the rear wheel sprocket?
This is also a function of the engine mounting plate, by moving the engine left or right you can attain a decently straight chain line to a certain extent, but look out for the peddle arch and drive chain clearance past the tire and frame seat stays on the way to the wheel sprocket.

The vendors on either side of this message have what you need or just looking at the parts might give you ideas on how to proceed.
Good luck...

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