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Default Re: BlowByU Full Belt Drive Felt Magno Build

Originally Posted by buzbikebklyn1 View Post
Sure, you can press the 1 1/8th" steerer tube out of the fork and replace it with a 1" steerer with an 1/8" bushing.
Just be sure to set up the hydraulic press correctly for the job or you might crack the forks crown.
I remove the lower work surface off the press, and use a long piece of 1 1/2" pipe under the crown to the floor and position the steerer directly under the ram, then GENTLY press it out do not rush this operation! Or you will end up with a broken fork.
If done correctly you can even use the old steerer over again.
good luck
Well thank you very much for your input I do have a press it is just a small press no where near big enough to press the pipe on and I already have the front fork so maybe next time.
OK Everyone I have some new pictures so here they are

SANY0274.jpg This picture is of the Magno's Thread-less head set of which is convertible but not easily

SANY0276.jpg I love the clean look of thread-less

SANY0277.jpg The stainless sheave and hardware are now in here are a few picks


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