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Default Re: Everything else except an engine...

Looking at that sears engine sitting on the paint over sprayed garage floor bought back some very pleasant memories for me.
Way back when (Mid to late 60s) My dad took me to stock car races in New Jersey.
(they used real "stock" cars back then)
He was a member of his buddy's pit crew, I was thrilled to be allowed that close to the action, sitting on a pile of used up tires , munching hot dogs and watching the guys thrash to get the car back out.
One of the things I remember most was a "pit" bike used by one of the guys on the crew...
It was an up right Briggs and Stratton 3 1/2 hp engine,With a huge looking centrifugal clutch that was mounted mid frame on a steel plate welded to the bikes frame with a crude left side drive V belt running a pulley that had been rag jointed to the rear hub.
The guy had fashioned a widened crank to clear the engine, its exhaust was made from old 3/4" brass water pipe and fittings.
On the 27" wheels skinny tires and with the brakes of the day that beast was a real handful.
But it was the bike that inspired me to get into this hobby....half a century and dozens of motor bikes later I still remember that bike and the pride its rider had in building it himself.
Never mind what i said before, if that's what you got, and your determined to do it... do it.
Remember, were theres a will theres a way...
Just don't get in over your head on the first build, less it spoils the experience for you.
I might HUMBLY suggest a well thought out kit for your first attempt...
Think about it, Good luck, keep it shiny side up...
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