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Default Just a couple of questions...

Ok I am new to the two stroke china girl kits but I have an extensive(ish) background in go-karts, mini bikes, go-peds, and pretty much anything with an engine.

And I just finished my first build a 49cc Schwin Legacy cruiser!

So here are my questions:

1.)When the engine is engaged it sounds like their is a loose belt but when I disengage the clutch it stops. Is this normal? and if not how can I fix it?

2.)Is their anywhere I can get different hand grips or is their any way I can use regular bicycle grips?

3.)I have seen a laid back seat post made out of a long bicycle stem, are these reliable/safe?

4.)How well do theses work? they seem like a good idea but I don't know..
JNM Damp-Pro

5.)Also I wanted to route my throttle cable through the little bar (see first pic) but the problem is that I would have to drill a hole in that bar. So my question is can I SAFELY drill a hole large
enough to route the throttle cable?

6.)Can I use the manic mechanic billet intake even if my engine is mounted somewhat tilted?

7.)I was also wondering if their is any way to break in my new engine any faster?


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