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Default Re: To jackshaft or not to jackshaft..

On a three shoe clutch you will find that after making it engage early that under the right load around 4000 to 5000 rpm at a very slight incline making a casual speedy run the clutch will grab and break traction again. The weight of the shoes them selves are meant to grab perfectly at around 6000 rpms. Simply put the shoes them selves are not heavy enough IMO. What I did was set my three shoe clutch up for immediate engagement so to speak to sanely compliment the first foremost easiest gears. It never slipped in these gears. It would occur at speed.

You may have better luck with the two shoe? As it is designed for a less powerful motor and earlier engagement. I did most of my own study with the three shoe as it had infinitely more adjustment to it at the time.

I did however slightly stretch the springs on the two shoe at one time as well to get my early engagement. At the time there was no replacement springs for the two shoe anywhere. Everyone was out of stock and I could not make up my mind.. I was impressed enough with the Morini to get a three shoe and try it. The three shoe proved to have a awesome finesse done directly off Idle [for gears] for me a more precise slip at immediate engagement.. I did finally get some lighter springs but never tried them as with the N.V. duty cycle and all I had seen enough. On really long rides 15 miles [ think hills] it would get very hot to the touch at the hub. Camlifter never had any luck with the N.V. Mine never broke.

The sweet spot for the 5.8 Morini and the 9.4 hp is 5500 to 6000 rpm where their power band shows up. The 9.4 Morini will seam ridiculous new when you get it? As the factory ships the three shoe 9.4 hp Morini to engage at about 10,000 rpms. Hope that helps.

Edit I re read I see you are getting the S6.T. one
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