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Default Re: To jackshaft or not to jackshaft..

buzbikebklyn1 been my experience that the Morini will be less powerful after you get the clutch to behave in this ordeal. Top speed will be less. My next is Morini will be all out for the power single speed. It worked for me ! Tho to me with all that power was just to many moving parts more especially for all the power. A china motor to me being less powerful is very doable in the type set up and perhaps more appropriate. I made it to about 3000 miles. I want a simple one now.

I ran a Nuvinci Wheel with a simple single speed chain. At the time I cobbled up my sprockets I was going to use gears and a derailleur. Sadly in my for sight I could not fit in a 410 chain which would have been way better. My run of the mill single speed chain was only good for about 500 miles until snapping it. At 10 dollars a pop I trudged on it was simple enough for me. This was occurring after I had a proper right off Idle engaging clutch for this criteria.

To me the derailleur chains don't stand a chance. I tried them with a bone stock 5.8 motor. The china don't put out near this power and with a maintained J shaft is fine.. After taming my clutch for this I always wanted more power too. But that's just me. Especially after tasting what it could do on a stock engagement of 5500 to 6000 rpm too. The stock red springs on a two shoe are for this said engagement.
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