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Default Re: To jackshaft or not to jackshaft..

I really feel the need to get one of these "Jack Shafts" because my Dad's name was Jack,.. (R.I.P.) we called a lot of things Jack-this or Jack-that around his house, the most common use of the term was the "jack-pack" which was a 12 pack of beer in a box that he would cut in half with a razor knife and turn them up and you'd have 2 six packs of beer with easy access, when the beer was done the boxes would hang around and many times you would leave his house with a jack-pack full of tomato's of vegetables or tools or wires and batteries what ever it was that you needed,...
with my great Dad in mind I had a storage problem and I had to channel my Dad's great mind and come up with a solution and I ended up inventing the Jack Stack a few years ago,...
see it here,...

YouTube - Lawn mower storage problem and solution

(also, I have many fun and easy bar/dinner party tricks on there,...)

so, you can see why I have to get a Jack Shaft
thanks for letting me rant on my Dad,....


"Don't let your meat loaf,...."
see my bar trick vids at
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