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Default Re: Tinsmith's in frame gas tank for cantilever Schwinn.

If I understand you correctly you are saying that instead of putting the flange on the side pieces, instead put the flange on the top, end and bottom pieces which are flatter. Flat pieces can be bent with a machine brake which would make the flange in one easy bend all at once.
I remember Dan talking about this, thinking through how to go about this little project. I think it had to do with wanting to make the top, end and bottom as continuous as possible by being one piece and not sectioned which would then make for more problems in joining those sections together. I think that was it. If I'm wrong about this I'm sure that Dan will clear it up.
Keep in mind, too, that this tank is an experiment with the idea that by the time we're done we'll have a much better idea of how to go about it. Some people are able to see a project in their head in it's entirety from beginning to end and some of us just begin and let the project kind of reveal how it wants to be made as we make it. Dan and I are both the kind of artisans who let the project unfold with a rough idea of what we want to do and then improvise along the way. Once a first version is done then you stare at it creatively to see if there are better ways to go about it. And once you use it other ideas to make it better may come along... perhaps a better way to mount it. Some things you can not know until you try it out.
So, please keep in mind that this tank is a prototype and I don't know that a tank for this type of frame has been made from tin before this one. So as much as showing how to go about making this particular tank we are sharing the creative process of how to think it through, trying to understand how the tank wants to be made. I think Dan and I both are anxious to see how it works out and how to make the next one just right.
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