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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Lol Skarrd!! Ya gotta send that pic to the manufacture-er! "It also alleviates exhaust-ion" Now with electro-lights!

Email from them back to you; Dear Sir, Wut?!?

I know, but am still high on the fun of my first ride in a while. Any body south enough to be warm need a roommate? I almost all house trained
XD it's all good, it's nice and quiet but it doesn't have the exact feel it had before. i'm gonna cut some more holes in the bottom and see if that helps. want it to stay quiet, but not screaming loud like it was before.

Originally Posted by RebelHellbilly View Post
cleaned the breather thats about all i had to do i like skarrds muffler idea..i might have to try a beer can 1 day lol
it was easy, just use a can opener to cut the lid part off, cut a small notch to slip it over the bolts for the heat shield (or just cut the bolts off). drill a hole in the bottom for the mounting stud, and cut exhaust holes in it.

gonna see about getting the crank off my occ chopper and putting it on the bike since that one is spaced wider out.
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