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Default Re: Tinsmith's in frame gas tank for cantilever Schwinn.

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
I wish I could post a follow up to this thread right now, but it will have to wait another week and a half or so until the next shop session. Thanks for the interest and clarification about hammering bends and the use of a "buck" as a form. I think that next summer I'll be making a copper tank for a Worksman newsboy and a Panther. I can see that taking the time to make a good solid buck out of something like oak would be a good investment of time. With the use of the burring machine the quality of the buck is less important (I'm guessing) as it does most of the bending for you and the buck is more for final shaping where it wants to crimp. I'm also guessing that the copper is more forgiving and that the tin needs something like the burring machine to do most of the flange work. It occurred to me that a burring tool could possibly be made from a can opener if there was a way to dull the edge of the cutter wheel. Give it some thought, please.
I'm also looking forward to the soldering part of this project, learning from someone who has made countless reproductions of tin chandeliers, candle holders and such. Dan knows the tools of his trade from a tradition of tin-smithing which goes way back to a time when there was no electricity, there were no propane torches and no local hardware store. How was it done? How will he do it? I can hardly wait for the next class to be in session. See you there...
Silverbar, good night, you'll excuse me but I had an idea that can solve your problem and run the edge of the plate let's see seeu can convey what I think. The pictures show Mr implement the border on the sides of the deposit because they are not straight lines and iregulares is not possible to take a machine-brakes, but if the fold is made in the face surrounding the sides of this deposit can now be Bending machine made on a total length of the perimeter of the deposit, just after hitting the edge for this bend then weld the sides, I know this is a bit tricky let's see if you get the idea right
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