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Default Re: "Winter MBing, tips and tricks"

Thanks guys! The really cool part of the internet thing and getting to know you guys is the opportunity to get to know you guys. The bummer part is with every body so far flung apart, will probably never get to hang out in person. Just sayin' and Thanks!

Not to ramble, (hehe, I know) But was clearing my ancient snow blower. Was having trouble keeping it running so did not turn off engine, only disengaged and poked chute with the proverbial short stick. Snow was so high that when I hit it with leg, it flipped to engaged. Glove snaged just enough to get drawn in. Blade caught tip of glove. Whamo! I couldn't tell if the finger was gone but glove was warm and wet. After getting glove off, tip of finger was horizontal when finger was vertical. I put it back on over the bone and taped/paper towled it. Could not have gotten to a hospital for hrs as I was plowed in. What had me worried was it did not hurt. A week later went for a regular Doc visit and she looked at it. Advised me to get a tetanus shot when I got some blood work done. There, they sent me to ex-ray. LOL, finger tip is now crocked and finger is a 3rd of an inch longer. A nano second of stupid leaves one with a life long reminder. Would have taken an extra few mins to do as one should and just shut the thing off.

I didn't know you could do stuff this dumb sober, snork.

Go ahead, make fun. I won't point a finger.
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