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Talking Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Couldn't take it any more! Reading what you guys (Amigos e Amigas) Getting to ride and tinker. So while putting the new snow blower up and away, I thought I would just start her and warm her up a bit. Which of course led to a "just a quick around the block" Which of course led to "just one more spin" which always leads to a ride around until dark, snork. "... you might be a MBer"
God I really love this build. Does need another 2 teeth on the final sprocket but is just so cool all around. Ride, sound and looks. My Girl is hot. She accidently started on the 3rd pull/rotate the engine and it was 30F. Just had to get a ride in. Got some strange "that look"(s) Like WTH is wrong with that guy? No coat or gloves and grinning like an idiot. LOL ("like")

One of my favorite quotes by Confucius; "man shall have his garden and woman, her kitchen and all will be right with the world" I may have messed that up, but is some thing like that. My version is now "Man shall have his motorized bicycle and *forget* you" (a lil tired of humanity at the moment. Does it show?)

Originally Posted by Skarrd View Post
energy drink muffler!

also mounted the front of the motor better.
came upon another MBer saying...

"If the JBweld on the engine, is STRONGER than the engine it's self... you just might be a MBer..."
Lol Skarrd!! Ya gotta send that pic to the manufacture-er! "It also alleviates exhaust-ion" Now with electro-lights!

Email from them back to you; Dear Sir, Wut?!?

I know, but am still high on the fun of my first ride in a while. Any body south enough to be warm need a roommate? I almost all house trained
worst apocalypse ever
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